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  • Welcome! We've Changed Some Things!!

  • Welcome! We've Changed Some Things!!

           As you’ve probably noticed some things look a little different. We’ve rebranded! Don’t worry, we’re still the same trusted associates who’ve always done your taxes, we’ve just updated. Being around since 1986, it was time to spruce things up a bit. As you can tell, we have a brand new logo, new colors and a whole new website to go along with it. With change comes an adjustment period, so if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

          The biggest change is going to be our new client portal. For clients that used the old portal as storage for their taxes and other information, that will always still be there for you to access. In terms of sending back and forth information, such as income tax documents or business information, this should now be done through the two following options. Option one being to have us set you up on the new portal and accessing everything that way. Option two is a new option that we now have called Secure Send. Secure Send is a way for clients or perspective clients to send us information without needing to be set up in our portal. For instance, if you don’t use the portal for storage and simply need to send us your income tax documents, you can now upload them through Secure Send, select the associate they need to go to and click send. That information is then safely and securely sent directly to the appropriate associate without having to bother with a login. The Secure Send option is found under the resources tab and can be utilized by everyone!

          The next thing I wanted to address is where everything is. On any page no matter where you are there is the contact info at the top with the login option. This login option will be for clients to login to the new client portal. The client portal can also be accessed under the Resources menu, which is where the link to the old portal will also be housed. Other new features include the “Our Associates” tab that features every associate, their information and tells you a little bit about them. Also, you can now make a payment directly from the website by clicking the “Make a Payment” menu, which will take you to our completely secure CPA Charge payment link. The website includes a Tax Center which has anything from links to state forms to IRS information to financial calculators. The new website offers a lot of other cool and fascinating features so please take a minute to look around.

          In closing, I wanted to say thank you for reading this first blog post. We will be updating the blog frequently with new information about the ever changing tax world as well as what’s going on at the office. Please feel free to send feedback, we really appreciate it. Also I’d like to add that if you read this whole post you might really like your accountant! If you wouldn’t mind heading over to google and leaving a review we’d appreciate that too. Again, if you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to call me at (843) 875-1774 or email me at

    Thanks for choosing Taylor Miles & Associates!!!

                                                    Brittany Miles - Marketing Coordinator

    Brittany Miles | 07/28/2021

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