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IRS Sent IP PIN Letters Erroneously Listing the Incorrect Year:  The IRS announced that, due to an error, it sent out CP01A notices, dated 1/4/16, that incorrectly indicate the Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN) issued is to be used for filing the 2014 tax return when the IP PIN is actually to be used for the 2015 tax return. [ Editor's Note: The IRS issues IP PINs to victims of tax-related identity theft to help them verify the taxpayer's identity. A return filed without the required IP PIN will be rejected.] The IRS emphasizes the IP PIN listed on the CP01A notice, dated 1/4/16, is valid for the 2015 returns. Taxpayers and their tax professionals should use this IP PIN number for 2015 tax returns. The announcement is available at .

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SC Dept. of Revenue - Credit Protection for South Carolina Taxpayers
Credit Protection for South Carolina Taxpayers

IMPORTANT: Due to the recent security breach, it is important to note that the SC Department of Revenue would not initiate contact by phone with any individual and ask for personal identifying information. Please be aware of potential scams and should you receive such a call, please hang up and call us directly at (803) 898-5000.

In 2012, tax data at the SC Department of Revenue was compromised due to a security breach. Immediately upon discovery of the breach, the SC Department of Revenue implemented new technologies and processes to correct the security issues.

South Carolina taxpayers may be eligible for state-provided, comprehensive credit and non-credit identity protection from industry leader, CSID!

Identity Theft Coverage Enrollment Begins

October 24, 2013

Individuals, minor and adult dependents, and businesses whose information was potentially compromised in the security breach can sign up and receive state-provided identity protection coverage through CSID, at or 855-880-2743, beginning October 24, 2013. The deadline to enroll is October 1, 2014. View the Public Notices below for the most up-to-date CSID information, or visit

For questions relating to the credit protection service provided by CSID, please see the CSID Frequently Asked Questions (Last updated September 25, 2013).



Additional Resources

Please contact the Department of Consumer Affairs for steps you can take to mitigate the effects of a security breach:

If you have questions regarding the security breach or credit protections available, please refer to DOR’s Frequently Asked Questions.

Chronology of Events: October 26, 2012


Experian's ProtectMyID

*** This service is no longer open for enrollment. ***

For individuals who enrolled with Experian, coverage will expire 12 months from the date of your initial enrollment. Enrollment for ProtectMyID opened October 26, 2012, and closed March 31, 2013.




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